MATTE & You Are So Lucky
Invite You To

The Blind Man's Ball
Friday, October 27th
At The Manor


Partners Include:

  • Your pansexual party palace. The mascarpone throne to the Neapolitan Don we like to call Dionysios.

  • A room for hexes and 'untold' tales from your exes.

  • A wandering music journey. A symphony on foot.

  • Live improvised film scores featuring:
    The Birds, Suspiria, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Branded to Kill, Nosferatu, Masque of The Red Death, The Shining

  • Above the fray, take a sip of malt and boogie on the stoop.

  • Savage chaos. 90's cult metal. Romance, terror, degradation.

  • A revival of the 19th Century fille de joie bars of Pigalle.

  • FEMDOM 101. An immersive sub training session that'll bring those that enter to their knees.

  • Superposition. Light as the source of color and vibration. A multi-layer array of crystals, water and air lit by a kinetic beam of light. A study of the relationship between light, water, wind, haze, sound and crystals.

  • Into the darkness of Tokyo.
    The last bar, the good people, the light.

  • The Retinal Pleasures.